ESGE Medtronic AI Research
Award Winners


Project Leader Country
The role of adrenaline in the injectate solution in the setting of wide field Endoscopic mucosal resection of large non-pedunculated colorectal polyps – a prospective randomised study Maria Pellise Spain
Multicenter, randomized, controlled clinical trial: otsc versus tts hemoclip for first-line hemostasis of high-risk bleeding peptic ulcers Mohamed Abdelrahim United Kingdom
Artificial Intelligence in Colonoscopy for Cancer Prevention Yuichi Mori Norway
The CERTAIN study: Combining Endo-cuff in a Randomized Trial for Artificial Intelligence Navigation Marco Spadaccini Italy
Accuracy of Artificial Intelligence-based Colonoscopy in Lynch Syndrome: when you should never miss an adenoma Cláudia Pinto Portugal
Performance of artificial intelligence in colonoscopy for right colon polyp detection: a randomized controlled trial Jenny Tannoury France
Improving polyp detection rate by artificial intelligence in colonoscopy training Tom André Pedersen Norway
A national Registry of Artificial Intelligence for the detection of colorectal Neoplasia: Modifying Adenoma dEtection rate in Real world practice Bu'Hussain Hayee United Kingdom