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Selection criteria and FAQs

Selection criteria

Selection criteria

How is ESGE evaluating the applications for the Fellowship Grant programme?

Three members of the ESGE Education Committee are responsible for reviewing all applications (Modules I and II).

What are the selection criteria for the Fellowship Grant Module I?

The following criteria are significant and play a role in the selection process:

  • Age: Applicants approaching the age limit (40 years old) may have priority over younger candidates who have chances to reapply.
  • CV: CVs are evaluated in accordance with the country of origin and age of the applicant. Training opportunities vary according to country and geographic regions and this is taken into consideration during the selection process.
  • Motivation letter: An applicant’s letter should indicate their motivation, how the training opportunity will impact their career path, how it will improve their endoscopy skills and impact their endoscopy department.
  • Reference letter: A detailed reference letter from the current employer (e.g. Department Head) is essential
  • MyESGEtutor: Completion of one or several eLearning modules on ESGE’s platform "MyESGEtutor" is not a prerequisite, however, it demonstrates the interest in training and will increase selection chances.
  • Reapplication: Reapplying indicates a real interest in getting training opportunity.
  • Equity: Fair distribution according to gender and geographical location (east-west/north-south).

What are the selection criteria for the Fellowship Grant Module II?

In addition to the selection criteria for Module I, Module II applicants must have:

  • A strong Recommendation letter from the "host"unit director (Module I) for Module II.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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