ESGE Medtronic AI Research Award

ESGE Medtronic AI Research Award

About ESGE Medtronic AI Research Award (Round 2)

The ESGE Medtronic Research Award supports Artificial Intelligence (AI) research in the field of colonoscopy.

Preferred Areas of Research

The Research Committee is particularly interested in research pertaining to (in no particular order): impact of AI on quality parameters of colonoscopy, differential impact according to endoscopist experience and setting, role of AI in training, identification of subtle neoplasia in patients at increased risk of cancer and AI assisted real time optical diagnosis (in-vivo characterisation) of the colonic polyps.

Grant Benefits

  • GI Genius systems will be provided, the number determined by the Award Committee on review of the successful award application
  • Direct costs will be covered up to a maximum total value of €8,000 to the successful applicants’ institutions.

Award Committee

Applications for the ESGE Medtronic AI Research Award are evaluated by a subcommittee of the ESGE Research Committee.



  • First round of applications is now closed
  • March 25, 2021 (at ESGE Days 2021): Announcement of first round winners
  • April 15, 2021: Second round of applications open
  • June 30, 2021: Application deadline
  • Second round of applications is now closed
  • October 2021: Announcement of winners

Please contact the ESGE secretariat for more information: