ESGE Grants

ESGE Grants

ESGE Fellowship Grants

ESGE fellowship grants support fully trained endoscopists to undertake further training in highly specialised endoscopic techniques at officially recognised ESGE training centres.

ESGE Research Grant

ESGE research grants support innovative, original research in gastroenterology.

ESGE Innovation of the Year Award

With the Innovation of the Year award we are seeking the most inspiring, ground breaking and potentially game changing innovations in endoscopy.

ESGE Norgine Research Award

The ESGE Norgine Research Award has been established to support scientific research in colorectal cancer screening with a particular focus on the recovery and acceleration of colonoscopy screening services during and post the COVID-19 pandemic.

ESGE Medtronic Research Award

The ESGE Medtronic Research Award supports Artificial Intelligence (AI) research in the field of colonoscopy.