ESGE International Affairs Working Group

ESGE International Affairs Working Group

About us

The main objective of the ESGE International Affairs Working Group (IAWG) is to develop long-term partnerships with African countries, addressing the several barriers that currently prevent the optimal development of GI endoscopy in these countries. The IAWG may help the situation by providing its own educational and training resources. In addition, the IAWG may also help in the implementation and networking of national and international societies in the African continent. Most of these goals and challenges are also shared by the World Endoscopy Organization (WEO), so that the IAWG expresses a strict collaboration between the two Societies.


  • to adapt the existing ESGE clinical guidelines to resource-sensitive settings with a CASCADE methodology
  • to identify suitable African centers in order to implement training activities.

International affairs working group members

Cesare Hassan (Italy) - chair
Lars Aabakken (Norway)
Mário Dinis-Ribeiro (Portugal)
Alanna Ebigbo (Germany)

John Gasdal Kartensen (Denmark)
Olivier Le Moine (Belgium)
Thierry Ponchon (France)
Peter Vilmann (Denmark)