ESGE eLearning Working Group

ESGE eLearning Working Group

About us


The process of teaching and learning in endoscopy has evolved tremendously during the least decades. From the traditional master and apprentice model, we have moved on to other forms of transmitting knowledge, including interactive methods and new technologies. eLearning is the ESGE portal to promote education in endoscopy through this type of pathways.

  • To develop MyESGEtutor, a series of interactive teaching modules, each one based on our published guidelines, including multiple-choice questionnaires, images, videos and a certificate at the completion of the module.
  • To explore new ways of teaching and learning, through a dedicated digital portal, with continuously updated new material, covering all areas of endoscopy

ESGE eLearning Working Group members

Marianna Arvanitakis (Belgium) - chair
Livia Archibugi (Italy)
Torsten Beyna (Germany)
Fabrice Caillol (France)
Paraskevas Gkolfakis (Greece)
Cesare Hassan (Italy)

Marcus Hollenbach (Germany)
Mostafa Ibrahim (Egypt)
Arnaud Lemmers (Belgium)
Alberto Murino (Italy)
Maxime Palazzo (Italy)
Thierry Ponchon (France)