International ESD Live Madrid 2020 – Autumn Edition – Online Live Course

International ESD Live Madrid 2020 - Autumn Edition - Online Live Course

September 28, 2020

Event Director: Dr Herreros De Tejada and Dr Santiago Garcia

Puerta De Hierro University Hospital

C/Manuel De Falla, 1
28222 Majadahonda, Madrid

Contact information
Contact person: Yolanda López Ruiz
Address: Puerta De Hierro University Hospital C/Manuel De Falla, 1 Majadahonda, Madrid 28222 Spain


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Update 25.08.2020: Due to the COVID-19 situation, the course has been condensed into a single day (September 28, 2020) and will take place in online format.


Event topics:
This International Course is focused on the Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection (ESD) technique and combines clinical and hands-on activity. Four top ESD experts coming from Japan and the rest of the world will participate as guest faculty. They will share their vision on this technique as an essential tool for the management of early gastrointestinal tract neoplasias and will also tutor the participants´ hands-on activity in animal models. The structure of the course throughout two full days will include:
Lectures and clinical seminars are given by experts related to ESD technique going through its indications, pros&cons, technical tips for its practice and update on the training process.
Live ESD cases performed by experts. An estimated number of 8 to 16 live cases will be performed by the guest faculties. Experts will go through the endoscopic diagnosis of the gastrointestinal tract neoplasias followed by its treatment by ESD. Real cases will be first introduced to trainees and faculty to confirm the endoscopic diagnosis and reassure indication for ESD. Two operating rooms will work in parallel with one expert running each room and 3 participants attending the procedure. During live performances, experts will give tips on endoscopic diagnosis and ESD technique. Q&A and direct interaction between experts and participants will be permitted during live procedures.
Hands-on activity in animal models. 2 stations with live piglets (for gastric and esophageal ESD) and adult pigs (for colonic ESD) will be set every day. 3 participants will be allocated in each station allowing them to perform several procedures under the faculties´ direct supervision and guidance.

Event aims:
The Course aims to offer Western endoscopists a reliable vision of the real practice of Japanese and top world experts concerning the diagnosis of early gastrointestinal tract neoplasias and the use of ESD technique for its management. Through several clinical lectures and continuous interaction between experts and participants in the operating rooms, the trainees will learn most key points in the endoscopic assessment and the ESD technique performance for the management of these lesions. In addition, participants will spend one full-day of hands-on training in gastric, esophageal and colorectal ESD in live animal models under experts direct tutoring. This session will be essential for participants to develop their skills in ESD and incorporate all the tips received into their clinical practice.

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