GIEQs IV (The Fourth Edition of the Ghent International Endoscopy Quality and Safety Symposium)

GIEQs IV (The Fourth Edition of the Ghent International Endoscopy Quality and Safety Symposium)

October 5 - October 6, 2023

Dr David Tate; Dr John Anderson; Dr Roland Valori

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Contact person: Karolien Haenebalcke
Address: The GIEQs Foundation


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What is GIEQs IV?

GIEQs IV (the Ghent International Endoscopy Quality and Safety Symposium) is the fourth edition of our wildly successful Everyday Endoscopy Symposium. It is focussed on  demonstrating the theory and deconstructed technique of procedures that all Endoscopists perform every day.

Read more about the concept and our stellar faculty or view the programme at our site here.

The programme

GIEQs IV will contain 16 hours of learning per day, 32 hours in total.  CME accreditation will be available.

In particular there will be sessions dedicated to:

  • Avoiding post upper gastrointestinal endoscopy interval cancer
  • Precursors of upper GI cancer and their appearances
  • Upper GI bleeding and stenoses
  • Artificial Intelligence in IBD and polypectomy
  • Basic ERCP and EUS
  • Relevance of the major gastroenterology congresses for the everyday endoscopist
  • Training focus in all sessions
  • The ESGE polypectomy curriculum 2023

A Virtual-Live Experience

GIEQs IV will be a virtual-only online experience with high production values. Hosted on our custom website the experience has been curated to be specifically relevant to the everyday endoscopist.  Local live events are also encouraged whereby colleagues come together in their own environment to share learning associated with the symposium. In this way carbon budgets are retained and costs saved on travel.

ESGE individual members receive 20%  fee reduction.

Preliminary Programme