Ghent International Quality in Endoscopy Symposium

October 7 - October 8, 2020

Event Director: David Tate

Contact information
Contact person: Nele Coulier
Address: Nele Coulier, c/o Seauton International Vaartdijk 3, bus 2 Wijgmaal, GENT 3108 Belgium


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Due to COVID-19 restrictions we cannot hold GIEQs at the Ghelamco arena in Ghent as we planned. So we are ready to deliver GIEQs Digital, keeping the initial programme! All details can be found on the website Check out our video for more information or click here for the program.

Event topics:

***Overall theme: Quality in endoscopic procedures***

Day 1 General Everyday endoscopy topics

Optimal Colonoscopy Technique
-Intubation, withdrawal and diminutive polyps
Live Colonoscopy technique
-Quicker, painless intubation
GI bleeding symposium
-Techniques for effective hemostasis
Difficult GI bleeding
-Use of new techniques as first line
Principles of Endoscopic Imaging in the GI tract
-The ‘Demarcated area’ – a predictor of invasion
Principles of Endoscopy Unit Design
-The Global Rating Scale and exportability
IBD in Endoscopy Symposium
–Comprehensive endoscopic assessment of activity
–Chromoendoscopy and technique
Endoscopic Management of strictures in IBD
-Balloon, incision or surgery
Artificial Intelligence in Endoscopy
-Implications, Ethics and Future Directions

Day 1 ERCP / EUS topics

-Live ERCP technique
-Papillary morphology versus technique
Basic ERCP symposium
-Stones, stents and strictures
Difficult Cannulation
-Prediction, preparation and when to refer
Management of adverse events at ERCP and management
-Pancreatitis, bleeding and perforation
Basic EUS
-Quality standardised examination
Unit set up for EUS / ERCP
-Equipment, settings and personnel
Interventional EUS symposium
-Role in everyday practice, referral criteria

Day 2 Topics

Day 2 General Everyday endoscopy topics
Optimal Gastroscopy Technique
-Intubation, withdrawal and lesion detection
Live Gastroscopy technique
-Focus on Lesion characterisation
Imaging in the Lower GI tract
-Endoscopic resection or surgery?
Live Colorectal Imaging
-Focus on Lesion characterisation
Cold Snare Polypectomy
-Safe, quick and effective
Live cold snare technique
-Focus on the basics
Hepatology in Endoscopy symposium
-Banding, glue and proper assessment
Live hepatology cases
-Best practice techniques
-Detection, description and marking
Barrett’s oesophagus
-Assessment, description, dysplasia and referral
How to improve your ADR
-Preparation, caps, light and timing
Informatics in the drive for quality
-Structured reporting, national datasets and AI
Room & Generator setup for polypectomy
-Which personnel, which kit, which settings,
Endoscopic dilatation and stents
-Quality in established techniques, new technology

Day 2 – Polypectomy focussed topics (with an aside on functional imaging)
Hot snare polypectomy [EMR]
-Complete resection, preventing recurrence
Complex polypectomy [EMR ≥ 20mm]
-Evidence & where does it fit into my practice? To include piecemeal cold snare
The role of endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD)
-Throughout the GI tract, where it fits my practice
Bringing it together in the colon
-Specific polyp – which technique, rectum specific algorithm, when to refer
Assessment + treatment of sphincters
-EndoFlip, manometry and POEM
Live sphincter assessment
-How does it fit into everyday practice?
Serrated polyps + polyposis
-How to detect, characterise and resect

Event aims:

– Promote quality in endoscopy
– Focus on commonly performed, ‘everyday’ techniques
– Invite an international and renowned faculty to deliver keynote lectures and live demonstrations of everyday endoscopic procedures and how to solve everyday endoscopic problems
-Confirmed faculty include Prof Michael Bourke, A/Prof. Steven J Heitman, Roland Valori, John Anderson, Jan-Warner Poley, Prof Raf Bisschops

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