October 7 - October 8, 2020

Event Director: David Tate

MeetDistrict at the Ghelamco Arena

Ottergemsesteenweg Zuid 808 b300
9000 Ghent

Contact information
Contact person: Nele Coulier
Address: Nele Coulier, c/o Seauton International Vaartdijk 3, bus 2 Wijgmaal, GENT 3108 Belgium


Event Category

ESGE individual members receive a significant fee reduction


Event topics:

***Overall theme: Quality in endoscopic procedures***

Day 1 General Everyday endoscopy topics

Optimal Colonoscopy Technique
-Intubation, withdrawal and diminutive polyps
Live Colonoscopy technique
-Quicker, painless intubation
GI bleeding symposium
-Techniques for effective hemostasis
Difficult GI bleeding
-Use of new techniques as first line
Principles of Endoscopic Imaging in the GI tract
-The ‘Demarcated area’ – a predictor of invasion
Principles of Endoscopy Unit Design
-The Global Rating Scale and exportability
IBD in Endoscopy Symposium
–Comprehensive endoscopic assessment of activity
–Chromoendoscopy and technique
Endoscopic Management of strictures in IBD
-Balloon, incision or surgery
Artificial Intelligence in Endoscopy
-Implications, Ethics and Future Directions

Day 1 ERCP / EUS topics

-Live ERCP technique
-Papillary morphology versus technique
Basic ERCP symposium
-Stones, stents and strictures
Difficult Cannulation
-Prediction, preparation and when to refer
Management of adverse events at ERCP and management
-Pancreatitis, bleeding and perforation
Basic EUS
-Quality standardised examination
Unit set up for EUS / ERCP
-Equipment, settings and personnel
Interventional EUS symposium
-Role in everyday practice, referral criteria

Day 2 Topics

Day 2 General Everyday endoscopy topics
Optimal Gastroscopy Technique
-Intubation, withdrawal and lesion detection
Live Gastroscopy technique
-Focus on Lesion characterisation
Imaging in the Lower GI tract
-Endoscopic resection or surgery?
Live Colorectal Imaging
-Focus on Lesion characterisation
Cold Snare Polypectomy
-Safe, quick and effective
Live cold snare technique
-Focus on the basics
Hepatology in Endoscopy symposium
-Banding, glue and proper assessment
Live hepatology cases
-Best practice techniques
-Detection, description and marking
Barrett’s oesophagus
-Assessment, description, dysplasia and referral
How to improve your ADR
-Preparation, caps, light and timing
Informatics in the drive for quality
-Structured reporting, national datasets and AI
Room & Generator setup for polypectomy
-Which personnel, which kit, which settings,
Endoscopic dilatation and stents
-Quality in established techniques, new technology

Day 2 – Polypectomy focussed topics (with an aside on functional imaging)
Hot snare polypectomy [EMR]
-Complete resection, preventing recurrence
Complex polypectomy [EMR ≥ 20mm]
-Evidence & where does it fit into my practice? To include piecemeal cold snare
The role of endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD)
-Throughout the GI tract, where it fits my practice
Bringing it together in the colon
-Specific polyp – which technique, rectum specific algorithm, when to refer
Assessment + treatment of sphincters
-EndoFlip, manometry and POEM
Live sphincter assessment
-How does it fit into everyday practice?
Serrated polyps + polyposis
-How to detect, characterise and resect

Event aims:

– Promote quality in endoscopy
– Focus on commonly performed, ‘everyday’ techniques
– Invite an international and renowned faculty to deliver keynote lectures and live demonstrations of everyday endoscopic procedures and how to solve everyday endoscopic problems
-Confirmed faculty include Prof Michael Bourke, A/Prof. Steven J Heitman, Roland Valori, John Anderson, Jan-Warner Poley, Prof Raf Bisschops

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