Ghent International Endoscopy Quality Symposium (GIEQs) Edition III (Online event)

Ghent International Endoscopy Quality Symposium (GIEQs) Edition III (Online event)

September 29 - September 30, 2022

Dr David Tate

Contact information
Contact person: Ruth Bloemen
Address: The Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Quality and Safety (GIEQs) Foundation


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ESGE individual members receive a significant fee reduction


What is GIEQs III?

GIEQs III (the Ghent International Endoscopy Quality and Safety Symposium) is the third edition of our wildly successful Everyday Endoscopy Symposium. It is focussed on theory and demonstrating the safe, deconstructed technique of procedures that all Endoscopists perform everyday.

Read more about the concept and our stellar faculty or view the programme at our site here.

A Virtual-Live Experience

A Virtual Event with high production values. Local live events encouraged. Carbon budgets retained. We have spent a lot of time thinking whether to hold a traditional large event in Ghent for GIEQs III.

In the end we decided not to.

Instead of a large live event we will:

  • Divert resources into a high-production value event with a stellar faculty
  • Provide an online experience which provides an inside-view of the event and may even be better than being present.
  • Encourage local meetings where teams (endoscopy units, departments, local groups of interested endoscopists) can get together to watch (and interact) with the virtual stream (more information here).
  • Together move towards a Carbon-Neutral society where un-necessary flights are discouraged when a similar alternative exists.

Therefore all individual registrations for GIEQs III are virtual and do not include a live event.