March 4 - March 6, 2020

Event director: Julio Iglesias Garcia

University of Santiago de Compostela

C/Choupana s/n.
15706 Santiago de Compostela

Contact information
Contact person: Julio Iglesias Garcia
Address: Hospital Clínico Universitario de Santiago-CHUS Rúa da Choupana, s/n Santiago de Compostela, A CORUÑA 15706 Spain


Event Category

ESGE individual members receive a significant fee reduction


Event topics: 

EUS Indications, mainly in oncological diseases

EUS guided tissue acquisition, fine needle aspiration and fine needle biopsy

Solid lesions

Cystic lesions

Optimization of EUS imaging

EUS guided elastography, qualitative and semi-quantitative

Contrast enhanced EUS

EUS guided therapy

Teaching EUS in 2020

Future role of EUS

Event aims: 

To bring the latest developments and technologies related to endoscopic ultrasound and to define the role of this technique in several diseases. In this setting we will show the pivotal role that endoscopic ultrasound has today in the diagnosis and clinical decision making in several clinical situations, and how it can lead the treatment strategy.

These aims will be approached both during live cases, and also in state of the art lectures and round tables for discussion.

The core elements of this course will be the live demonstrations

We will show the pivotal and practical role of EUS in the management of several gastroenterological and non-gastroenterological diseases