Digestive Endoscopy Cluj 2023

Digestive Endoscopy Cluj 2023

September 14 - September 16, 2023

Prof. Marcel Tantau

Iuliu Hatieganu Auditorium

Marinescu Street 23
400337 Cluj-Napoca

Contact information
Contact person: Lidia Munteanu
Email: ciobanulidia@yahoo.com
Address: Regional Institute for Gastroenterology and Hepatology


Event Category


Discover, explore, learn, influence, advance and network for an extraordinary experience with top-names lecturers. Take all of the following opportunities in order to improve your knowledge and skills in this medical field.

Maintaining the tradition, the scientific program will be featuring sessions, workshops, and case presentations. The organizing committee has designed a captivating program allowing all invited experts to share their knowledge, outline the most recent advances and interventional techniques, and address controversial topics.

Event topics

  • EMR and ESD for gastric and colorectal polyps
  • Echoendoscopy biliary drainages
  • ERCP in benign and malignant pathologies
  • Echoendscopy in pancreatic pathologies
  • Hemostasis for upper gastrointestinal bleeding

Event aims

  • Acquiring technical skills for EMR and ESD for gastric and colorectal polyps and LST
  • Getting familiar with the devices and technical steps for POEM procedures.
  • Learning technical steps for ecoendoscopy biliary drainages.
  • Learning devices and procedure for ERCP in benign and malignant pathologies
  • Learning tricks and tips for the endoscopical management of upper gastrointestinal bleeding.