2nd Upper GI Endoscopy Education & Training Day and 11th Barrett’s Endotherapy Course

2nd Upper GI Endoscopy Education & Training Day and 11th Barrett's Endotherapy Course

June 28 - June 30, 2023

Dr Jacobo Ortiz

The Jubilee Hotel & Conferences

Triumph Road, Jubilee Conference Centre University of Nottingham Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG7 2TU
NG7 2TU Nottingham
United Kingdom

Contact information
Contact person: Dr Jacobo Ortiz
Email: jacobo.ortizfernndezsordo@nottingham.ac.uk
Address: Nottingham Digestive Diseases Centre and NIHR Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre


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Dear endoscopy friends,

Our Upper GI Endoscopy Education & Training Day and Barrett’s Endotherapy Course is becoming the main endoscopy event we are hosting in Nottingham. This relatively small meeting will give you the opportunity to learn from and interact with world renowned experts in a very relaxed and informal atmosphere.

With the first day we are aiming again to increase awareness of early detection of Upper GI neoplasia. We will be talking about how to perform high quality Upper GI Endoscopy and covering all basics aspects of the endoscopic diagnosis of early neoplasia in the Upper GI tract, use of advanced imaging techniques, lesion recognition & assessment and decision- making process.

Our classic yearly Barrett’s Endotherapy course is coming to its 11th edition already, and it is one of the very few in Europe around this topic. This time everything will happen around five very interesting debates on emerging topics in the Barrett’s endotherapy field; we do hope to create interactive and provocative discussions. As usual, we will also have live cases from our endoscopy unit, teaching video sessions on how to diagnose, resect and ablate early Barrett’s neoplasia and our popular hands-on training workshops with ex-vivo animal models and small group interactive sessions to discuss real day-to-day cases with our experts.

This year we are having more experts in our faculty panel than ever before; they are an amazing combination of endoscopists from USA and Europe and outstanding faculty from the UK. We are very proud to host this fantastic crew!
We had a very good feedback from the course last year and we have worked very hard to make it even better this year, we do hope that you see that reflected in the program.

Remember, this meeting is open to everyone with any interest in Upper GI Endoscopy, please share this brochure with anyone in your department who you think may be interested.
We are looking forward to welcoming you in Nottingham this summer!


Jacobo Ortiz Fernández-Sordo
Consultant Gastroenterologist & Upper GI Endoscopy Lead
Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust and University of Nottingham


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