ESGE Travelling Endoscopy Programme (ESGE-TEP)

Bringing ESGE to you

ESGE TRAvelling ENdoscopy Programme (eSGE-TEP)

ESGE Bringing ESGE to you

ESGE Travelling Endoscopy Programme (ESGE-TEP) is a programme designed to promote quality and education in endoscopy. ESGE is extremely active in establishing guidelines and quality improvement measures and dissemination is of key importance. 

This programme aims to bring this knowledge to the daily practice of endoscopists and endoscopy departments.

The ESGE-TEP is an add-on module to ESGE member society's congresses and/or national meetings and can be tailored to address your society’s needs.

ESGE-TEP may also be designed as an online event e-TEP.

ESGE TEP in a nutshell

  • Maximum one-day duration (half-day for e-TEP)
  • Co-chaired by one ESGE representative and one representative from the co-organising member society
  • Theme selected by co-chairs: one or more appropriate topics covered by ESGE guidelines or technology reviews, quality improvement documents
  • Content format: didactic lectures and possibly video case presentations
  • Lectures divided equally between the ESGE and local Member Society faculty.

Please contact the ESGE Office for more information:


All potential ESGE Travelling Endoscopy Programs require a formal proposal from the requesting endoscopy society.
The following information should be supplied:

  • Name of partnering society
  • Planned meeting dates (a minimum of 6 months lead time is required)
  • Content: This includes the number of sessions with proposed topics and subtopics
  • Proposed faculty (please propose up to 5 faculty names)

Before applying please read the ESGE Travelling Endoscopy Programme Policy