European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

Endorsed Events


ESGE endorses events that are deemed to have high scientific standards. They are organised by third parties and, by granting endorsement, ESGE has no financial involvement and no obligation to provide any support services for the event.

Endorsed events are announced on the ESGE website, as well as in ESGE newsletters, both online and in the journal Endoscopy. The ESGE logo may be used for promotional purposes.


Application is required at least three months prior to the event and must include the following information:

  • Date and meeting venue
  • Event director(s)
  • Programme including list of faculty
  • Brief summaries of event topics and aims
  • Contact person.

The ESGE education committee reviews applications and decides which meetings meet the criteria.

Before applying please read the following:

Endorsed event policy

Events offering live demonstration sessions are required to follow the ESGE Live Endoscopy Events guidelines (Live Endoscopy Event guidelines).

After the event has taken place, ESGE would kindly ask the organizers to request their participants to complete a short online questionnaire. Alternatively, the organizers may provide ESGE the emails of the participants so that ESGE may approach them directly.

Online Application