ESGE eLearning

ESGE eLearning

eLearning Area (members only)

ESGE Individual members can use the ESGE eLearning Area to access the following:

  • ESGE Teaching Modules
  • Live Demonstration recordings from ESGE Endorsed events
  • The complete ESGE Days programme of previous congresses
  • Lectures from Quality in Endoscopy and other international meetings
  • myESGEtutor eLearning platform

Access the ESGE eLearning Area from within the ESGE Individual Members' Area.

ESGE Webinar Series (free access)

The ESGE webinar series offers you the opportunity to not only view high quality presentations, from world leaders in endoscopy, but also participate in terms of fielding questions, interacting with speakers and much more. Best of all, this offering from ESGE is open to everyone and completely free.

ESGE Days webcasts (free access)

The scientific programme was packed with presentations delivered by world renowned experts. With so much going on, planning what to see was not an easy task.

With this in mind, we have selected a few highlights of ESGE Days 2019 on the ESGE website. A new video will be featured each month. Stay tuned!

To watch the first video, follow this link:

myESGEtutor (members only)

ESGE is pleased to offer you the new eLearning platform myESGEtutor available exclusively to Individual Members. myESGEtutor is an interactive eLearning tool with learning modules containing an initial self-assessment, clinical case studies, video training materials and a final assessment to help you achieve your personalised certificate of completion provided by ESGE.

A complete patients guide to a Colonoscopy (free access)

In this video we provide a guide to patients undergoing a colonoscopy.

We inform patients on: Why it is important to have a colonoscopy, when you should have a colonoscopy and what to expect when undergoing a colonoscopy procedure.

To watch the first video, follow this link: