ESGE Public Advocacy Committee

ESGE Public Advocacy Committee

Strategic aims and responsibilities

  • To promote the role of digestive endoscopy and digestive cancer screening in Europe
  • To optimize practice in digestive endoscopy (medical device compliance and reimbursement, digestive endoscopy procedure nomenclature)
  • To advocate and lobby for increased funding for research in GI endoscopy

  • To present the patients’ view to the ESGE Governing Board on how ESGE’s vision to provide optimal patient care can be met
  • To enhance both scientific education for the patient and gain understanding from a health care professional perspective

Public Advocacy Committee chair

Dr Michael Bretthauer
Dr Michael Bretthauer (Norway)

Public Advocacy Committee members

Evelien Dekker (Netherlands)
Mario Dinis-Ribeiro (Portugal)
Michal F. Kaminski (Poland)
Maria Pellisé (Spain)
Stephen Pereira (United Kingdom)
Thierry Ponchon (France)
Adrian Saftoiu (Romania)
Peter D. Siersema (Netherlands)


Patients Video

In this video we provide a guide to patients undergoing a colonoscopy.

We inform patients on: Why it is important to have a colonoscopy, when you should have a colonoscopy and what to expect when undergoing a colonoscopy procedure.