ESGE Young EndoscopistS (EYE) Committee

ESGE Young Endoscopist (EYE) Committee

Strategic aims and responsibilities

  • To organize and promote educational activities (both face to face and online educational activities) aiming to provide knowledge, develop skills and improve the quality of practice of gastrointestinal endoscopy.
  • To organize the Hands-on-Training and Learning Areas
  • To collaborate with the Scientific Committee chair coordinating the Post-Graduate Course at ESGE Days
  • To review, score and recommend applications for ESGE Fellowship Grants (Modules I & II)

  • To review Travelling Endoscopy Programme (TEP and e-TEP) applications and recommend appropriate sites for TEP / e-TEP to the ESGE Executive Committee and ESGE Governing Board
  • To supervise the Education working groups
  • To review ESGE endorsed events applications and recommend to the Executive Committee whether approval should be given.

ESGE Young Endoscopist (EYE) Committee Chair

Andrei Voiosu (Romania)
Andrei Voiosu (Romania)

ESGE Young Endoscopist (EYE) Committee Members

Giulio Antonelli (Italy)
Amani Beshara (Israel)
Annalisa Cappello (Italy)
Mayan Eitan (Israel)
Sun Mi Ha (United Kingdom)
Andrew McNeice (United Kingdom)
Katarzyna Monika Pawlak (Poland)
Douglas Penman (United Kingdom)
Cem Simsek (Turkey)
Pieter Sinonquel (Belgium)