ESGE Young EndoscopistS (EYE) Committee

ESGE Young Endoscopist (EYE) Committee

Strategic aims and responsibilities

  • To assist and support young endoscopists highlighting the benefits of the society to the up and coming generation of GI endoscopists
  • To actively participate in ESGE activities and collaborate with other ESGE committees / working groups to provide the “younger perspective”
  • To expand ESGE through the ESGE Member Societies’ young member / trainee sections
  • To create partnerships and promote collaboration with young member / trainee sections of other societies

  • To organize a scientific session dedicated to young endoscopists “EYE session” at ESGE Days
  • To plan social activities / EYE Zone at ESGE Days
  • To organize the “ESGE Days Cup”
  • To contribute to the ESGE newsletters on a regular basis
  • To promote ESGE and share ESGE scientific content through social media channels / social media working group

ESGE Young Endoscopist (EYE) Committee Chair

Andrei Voiosu (Romania)
Andrei Voiosu (Romania)

ESGE Young Endoscopist (EYE) Committee Members

Giulio Antonelli (Italy)
Amani Beshara (Israel)
Annalisa Cappello (Italy)
Mayan Eitan (Israel)
Sun Mi Ha (United Kingdom)
Andrew McNeice (United Kingdom)
Katarzyna Monika Pawlak (Poland)
Douglas Penman (United Kingdom)
Cem Simsek (Turkey)
Pieter Sinonquel (Belgium)