ESGE Research Committee

ESGE Research Committee

The ESGE Research Committee has a vision to promote research in digestive endoscopy on a European level. The broad aims are as listed below:

ESGE Research Champions Den

  • The ten best applications will be selected for the Den at ESGE Days 2021.
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ESGE Research Grant Awards

ESGE Research Grants

ESGE Research Endorsement

  • All research studies selected for the Research Champions Den receive endorsement
  • ESGE endorsement for research studies (independent from the Den)
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  • To highlight the importance of endoscopy research on a broad European level and beyond
  • To set priority areas for endoscopy research with a futuristic vision
  • To align research priorities with ESGE aim of improving the quality of GI endoscopy
  • To review, evaluate and allocate ESGE research grants
  • To provide support and networking opportunities to individuals wishing to develop high-quality endoscopy research
  • To build a network of international collaborators who can advise, mentor and support individuals planning to undertake international collaborative research
  • To maximise funding opportunities for high quality research projects by endorsing them
  • To bring in investment from gastroenterology, endoscopy and European Union funding streams to fund endoscopic research projects
  • To inform researchers regarding potential funding streams
  • To maximise investment in endoscopy research from industry

Research Committee Chair

Pradeep Bhandari
Pradeep Bhandari (UK)

Research Committee Members

Raf Bisschops (Belgium)
Mihai Ciocirlan (Romania)
Evelien Dekker (The Netherlands)
Gianluca Esposito (Italy)
Lorenzo Fuccio (Italy)
Alessandro Repici (Italy)
Peter Siersema (Netherlands)
Pier Alberto Testoni (Italy)