ESGE Quality Improvement Committee

ESGE Quality Improvement Committee

The ESGE Quality Improvement Committee (ESGE QIC) aims to improve the global quality of endoscopy and the delivery of patient-centered endoscopy services. It aims to promote a unifying theme of quality of endoscopy within ESGE activities, achieved by collaborating with other ESGE committees and working groups, and underpinned by a clear “quality improvement framework”. ESGE QIC aims to assist all endoscopy units and endoscopists in achieving these standards. Development of ESGE quality improvement performance measures has been endorsed and co-funded by UEG.

List of ESGE Quality Improvement Initiative Publications

Quality Improvement Committee Chair

Raf Bisschops
Raf Bisschops (Belgium)

Quality Improvement Committee

Marianna Arvanitakis (Belgium)
Pradeep Bandhari (UK)
Michael Bretthauer (United States)
Mário Dinis-Ribeiro (Portugal)
Dirk Domagk (Germany)
Michal Kaminski (Poland)
Cristiano Spada (Italy)
Andrew Veitch (UK)
Jeanin van Hooft (The Netherlands)

QIC working groups

Upper GI

Dr Miguel Areia (Portugal)
Dr Vanja Giljaca (UK)
Dr Roman Kuvaev (Russia)
Dr Philippe Leclercq (Belgium)
Dr Ashraf Monged (Ireland)
Professor Bas Weusten (The Netherlands)

Lower GI

Professor Michael Bretthauer (Norway)
Professor Michal Kaminski (Poland)
Dr Marek Bugajski (Poland)
Professor Monika Ferlitsch (Austria)
Dr Elisabeth Macken (Belgium)
Dr Mauro Manno (Italy
Dr Silvia Pecere (Italy)

Small bowel

Dr Cristiano Spada (Italy)
Dr Cristina Carretero (Spain)
Dr Edward J. Despott (UK)
Professor Goran Hauser (Croatia)
Dr Martin Keuchel (Germany)
Dr Alberto Murino (UK/Italy)


Professor Dirk Domagk (Germany)
Dr Andrea Anderloni (Italy)
Dr John Gásdal Karstensen (Denmark)
Dr Tibor Gyökeres (Hungary)
Dr Ivan Lyutakov (Bulgaria)
Dr Mahmoud Omar (Kuwait)
Dr Ilaria Tarantino (Italy)

Endoscopy service

Dr Andrew Veitch (UK)
Dr George Cortas (Lebanon)
Dr Paraskevas Gkolfakis (Belgium)
Dr Alba Panarese (Italy)
Dr W. Rogier ten Hove (The Netherlands)
Professor Konstantinos Triantafyllou (Greece)