ESGE Guidelines Committee

ESGE Guidelines Committee

Under the direction of the ESGE Guidelines Committee, each guideline is drafted by a core group of experts. After subsequent screening by our national societies and individual members, they appear in the journal Endoscopy. ESGE increasingly partners with other societies on multidisciplinary topics.

Guidelines Committee Chair

Jeanin van Hooft (The Netherlands)
Jeanin van Hooft (The Netherlands)

Guidelines Committee Members

Ulrike Beilenhoff (Germany)
Jean-Marc Dumonceau (Argentina)
Simon M. Everett (UK)
Àngels Ginès Gibert (Spain)
Cesare Hassan (Italy)
István Hritz (Hungary)
Gianpiero Manes (Italy)
Helmut Neumann (Germany)
Ioannis Papanikolaou (Greece)
Gregorios Paspatis (Greece)
Pedro Pimentel-Nuñes (Portugal)
Andrada Seicean (Romania)
Peter Thelin Schmidt (Sweden)
Andrea Tringali (Italy)
Monique E van Leerdam (The Netherlands)
Geoffroy Vanbiervliet (France)
Bas L.A.M. Weusten (The Netherlands)