ESGE International Affairs Working Group

ESGE International Affairs Working Group

Strategic aims and responsibilities

  • To facilitate ESGE-driven training in gastrointestinal endoscopy outside Europe, especially in underdeveloped or underserved areas, such Africa and the Middle East
  • To identify key areas where to create ESGE training centres outside Europe, such as ESGE-training centres in Africa or the Middle East
  • To identify key tasks for ESGE-driven education and training outside Europe, mainly related to the actual need of care (i.e. according to prevalence of GI diseases)

  • To adapt the existing ESGE clinical guidelines to resource-sensitive settings using the CASCADE methodology
  • To collaborate with other international societies which already have a gastroinestinal endoscopy training programme established outside of Europe (e.g., WEO in Africa)
  • To encourage corporate support for ESGE initiated and coordinated educational and gastrointestinal endoscopy training activities outside of Europe
  • To interact with international societies for shared educational initiatives

International Affairs Working Group members

Alanna Ebigbo (Germany) - chair
Lars Aabakken (Norway)
Shimaa Afify (Egypt)
Purnima Bhatanu (Australia)
John Gasdal Kartensen (Denmark)

Cesare Hassan (Italy)
Thierry Ponchon (France)
Gabriel Rahmi (France)
Peter Vilmann (Denmark)