ESGE Committees

The European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE) is composed of an Executive Committee, Governing Board plus associated committees dedicated to promoting and improving good endoscopic practice.

ESGE Executive Committee

Consisting of the ESGE president, president elect, secretary general and treasurer, the ESGE Executive Committee monitors and recommends policies and programmes to the Governing Board.

ESGE Education Committee

The ESGE Education Committee is responsible for many and varied educational events and programmes at congresses, workshops, and individual hospitals throughout the European Zone.

ESGE Guidelines Committee

Under the direction of the ESGE Guidelines Committee, each guideline is drafted by a core group of experts. After subsequent screening by our national societies and individual members, they appear in the journal Endoscopy. ESGE increasingly partners with other societies on multidisciplinary topics.

ESGE Public Advocacy Committee

The Public Advocacy Committee (PAC) is a vital and strategic ESGE committee tasked with promoting the importance and role of digestive endoscopy in Europe, advocating on behalf of our patients, and identifying potential sources for research in digestive endoscopy.

ESGE Research Committee

The ESGE Research Committee aims to establish, discuss and promote clinical research studies in digestive endoscopy on a broad European level.

ESGE Quality Improvement Committee

The ESGE Quality Improvement Committee (ESGE QIC) aims to improve the global quality of endoscopy and the delivery of patient-centered endoscopy services. It aims to promote a unifying theme of quality of endoscopy within ESGE activities, achieved by collaborating with other ESGE committees and working groups, and underpinned by a clear “quality improvement framework”. ESGE QIC aims to assist all endoscopy units and endoscopists in achieving these standards. Development of ESGE QIC performance measures has been endorsed and co-funded by UEG.

ESGE Young Endoscopist (EYE) Committee

Initiated in 2017 under the guidance of Mário Dinis-Ribeiro, Marianna Arvanitakis and Ian Gralnek, this working group evolved into a committee. The main objective of the committee is to develop a forum for young endoscopists who want to make a difference in the way GI Endoscopy will evolve in the coming years.