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ESGE / DGVS Dual Membership Online Application Form

We are happy to announce that the cooperation between the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gastroenterologie, Verdauungs- und Stoffwechselkrankheiten (DGVS) and ESGE has been extended as of 2017 to include dual membership. Through this cooperation, members of DGVS are entitled to join or renew their ESGE membership at a reduced fee of € 150 as opposed to the regular fee of € 195.

If you are already DGVS member please complete the application below to take adantage of benefits offered:

  • Reduced registration fee to ESGE oganized, sponsored and endorsed events
  • Subscription to the journal Endoscopy (printed and online access)
  • Eligibility for ESGE fellowship grant programmes
  • Eligibility for ESGE research grant awards
  • Active participation on ESGE guidelines
  • Free online access to ESGE eLearning Area
  • Membership certificate and access to members’ area on the ESGE website.
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ESGE Individual Membership Fee
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The annual ESGE membership fee for DGVS members is € 150 for the term beginning on January 1 and ending on December 31 of the same year.

Payment for the annual membership fee is possible via SEPA direct debit and credit card. Once your payment is received we will provide you with an official welcome letter including your membership ID and access details to ESGE Members Area.

Email Permission

By providing my contact details and ticking the checkbox below, I authorize the European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE) to send me communications that may include education information, promotional materials, advertising, and other commercial materials considered to be official ESGE correspondence to its members.

NOTE: ESGE does not release, sell or grant permission for the use of membership fax or e-mail information to any outside the organization. This contact information is solely for the use of the ESGE. Once consent is provided it will remain in effect until a change in notification is made to the ESGE.

I agree that the ESGE retains and processes all data necessary for my membership. This includes all my contact data. The ESGE is authorized to disclose my data for the following purposes:

- Thieme Verlag for postal delivery of the journal Endoscopy and online access to the journal

- The credit card institutes for payment via credit card

- Industrial partners of ESGE for relevant email contact

- Society partners to enable access to ESGE eLibrary material

I can at any time, and free of charge, request information about the extent and manner of the retained data. Demonstrably false data will be immediately corrected, deleted or blocked.


ESGE individual membership termination is possible with written notice, received by the ESGE secretariat by October 1st of the membership year. If my membership is not terminated by October 1 of the membership year, it will automatically be extended for a further year and the annual Individual Membership fee will fall due.

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