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Endoscopy magazine

Endoscopy Journal

The journal Endoscopy represents the official organ of the ESGE and over the past decades, has become one of the world's leading journals in GI endoscopy. Founded by Professor Ludwig Demling in 1961, Endoscopy has grown in prestige and quality. This development has been enhanced by the close ties which have been established with individual national endoscopic societies. To date, twenty societies are affiliated to Endoscopy. ESGE Guidelines plus publications resulting from ESGE Workshops/symposia appear in the journal which is also a platform for other ESGE activities. These are announced regularly in the ESGE Newsletter.

The total current distribution of Endoscopy is 7,400. In addition a special Chinese edition is distributed to approximately 3,000 Chinese endoscopists yearly.

As of May 1, 2013, Professor Peter D. Siersema became Editor-in Chief of the journal.

As of January 1, 2004 Thomas Rösch became Editor-in-Chief of the journal. His predecessor, Meinhard Classen, held this position for thirteen years.

As of January 2000, Endoscopy publishes 12 issues per year. Over 1,400 manuscripts are submitted annually and approximately 30% of these are accepted for publication.

The journal has special sections which provide services to the reader, including State-of-the-Art issues, a yearly DDW Report which presents a comprehensive overview of abstracts submitted to this meeting.

Together with GUT, Endoscopy also publishes the UEGW abstracts on CD-ROM.

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