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EAGEN ESGE ADVANCED EMR AND ESD WORKSHOP: Hands-on training with live porcine models

Date September 28-29, 2017
Event Country Braga, Portugal
  • Course directors: Marco Bruno, Arjun Koch, Carla Roland, Mario Dinis-Ribeiro, Apostolos Papalois
Venue Life and Health Sciences Research Institute
School of Health Sciences
University of Minho (ECS-UM)
Braga, Portugal
  • Contact for general info:
  • EAGEN Office
    Destination Services Europe GmbH
    Shirin Charles
    Nuellerstr. 48
    42115 Wuppertal, Germany

    Tel: +49–202–8702991
    Fax: +49–202–2572291
Fully equipped live porcine model workstations
Limited participation (3 per workstation)
Twelve hours of hands-on training per team
One-on-one hands-on instructions and teaching from highly skilled experts in the field

Esophageal EMR using multiband mucosectomy
Esophageal, gastric and colonic ESD
Complication Management
Event Category EAGEN / ESGE Advanced Endoscopy Workshop

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