European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

Algorithms in gastrointestinal endoscopy and endoscopic ultrasound

Date November 10, 2017
Event Country Zagreb, Croatia
  • Event director: Professor Nadan Rustemović
  • University Hospital Centre Zagreb
    Kišpatićeva 12
    Zagreb 10.000
  • Contact for general info:
  • Nadan Rustemović

  • O-TOURS d.o.o. Gajeva 6/1, 10000 Zagreb / tel: 01 4831 444 / fax: 01 4813 010 /
  • Email:
  • Event topics:
  • Alternative routes in GI endoscopy:
    1. tunneling operations (POEM, STER)
    3. altered anatomy ERCP
    4. complications in GI endoscopy

    Event aims:
  • Brief summaries of event topics and aims: This is our 14 th workshop held on yearly basis. Our general policy during all this years was to summarize hot topics in gastrointestinal endoscopy and endoscopic ultrasound and show them during the live demonstrations with experts in the morning, and in the afternoon to go through same procedures on animal models with younger endoscopists.
    This year we will have state of art lectures perform by Naohisa Yahagi , Klaus Monkemuller, Lars Aabakken and Negeshwar Reddy. At the same time our local faculty (Branko Bilić, Hrvoje Iveković,Pave Markoš, Nadan Rustemović) will follow them in live demostrations (LAMS for short colonic strictures, ESD, submucosal tunneling procedures, STER, POEM). After that we will form a selected groups for training on animal-mechanical and porcine live models.
    This year's novelty is the live presentation of achievements of the Asian Institute of gastroenterology in Hyderabad, India. Professor Reddy will have a state of art lecture and after that will lead us through his department and will perform one of the endoscopic procedures (POEM).

    Main goal is to asure a proper education for younger endoscopists in Advanced GI endoscopy.
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