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Advanced Hands-on masterclass program on endoscopic ultrasound

Date April 24 - 29, 2017
Event Country Santiago de Compostela, Spain
  • Event director: 
  • Prof. J. Enrique Dominguez-Muñoz
  • University Hospital of Santiago de Compostela
    Endocopy Unit
    Choupana s/n
    15706 Santiago de Compostela
  • Contact for general info:
  • Julio Iglesias García
    University Hospital of Santiago de Compostela
    Dpt. of Gastroenterology
    Choupana s/n
    15706 Santiago de Compostela
  • Email:
  • Event topics:
    Theoretical basis of endoscopic ultrasound
    Diagnostic endoscopic ultrasound
    EUS-guided tissue acquisition
    Advanced imaging technologies associated with endoscopic ultrasound
    Endoscopic ultrasound guided therapies
  • Event aims:
    Theoretical modules
    o To provide the appropriate knowledge in endoscopic ultrasound, ranging from basic to specialized concepts.
    o To promote the acquisition of knowledge for the adequate EUS-guided diagnosis, management and decision making of different diseases.
    o To learn the future trends in the field of endoscopic ultrasound, mainly related to new technologies and therapeutic options.

    - Practical hands-on modules
    o To acquire the skills needed to perform a basic endoscopic ultrasound, identifying anatomical landmarks, with both radial and linear probe.
    o To learn the use of advanced imaging technologies, such as elastography and contrast-enhanced endoscopic ultrasound.
    o To learn the performance of endoscopic ultrasound-guided tissue acquisition, including the procedure, the selection of the appropriate needle and the sample handling.
    o To get insight in advanced therapeutic endoscopic ultrasound.
Event Category ESGE Endorsed Event

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