European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

7th European EUS Congress - EGEUS 2017

Date November 27 - 28 , 2017
Event Country Torino, Italy
  • Event directors: Prof. Claudio Giovanni De Angelis
Venue Centro Congressi Lingotto
via Nizza, 280
10126 Torino (Italy)
  • Contact person - general info: Ms Silvia Piazza
  • Email:
  • Area Qualità Srl
    Piazza Insubria, 16
    20137 Milano (Italy)
  • Event topics:
  • - Evaluate recent advances in diagnostic and therapeutic EUS (associeted also with ERCP and its new ancillary techniques); assess their clinical usefulness and level of evidence
    - Apply new endosonographic and endoscopic techniques, instruments and devices in mediastinal, lung, GI and biliopancreatic diseases
    - Compare them with standard and traditional procedures and accessories
    - Choose the optimal EUS and/or ERCP approach and ancillary tecniques for specific case management
    - Manage failed interventions and adverse events
    - Demonstrate the need and the importance of an interdisciplinary approach
    - Recognize the importance of quality in EUS and in the combined EUS-ERCP approach
  • Event aims: 
  • EUS has emerged as an invaluable modality for diagnosis and treatment of various mediastinal, lung, GI and pancreatico-biliary disorders and the indications are rapidly expanding. Newer technology innovations are quickly taking place and it is imperative for a modern endoscopist to keep abreast with the latest advances. The 7th European EUS Congress, EGEUS 2017 in Turin, will provide cutting edge information about the appropriate utilization and ongoing research in EUS. There will be a 2 half-days Live demonstrations to show basic and advanced interventional EUS procedures, and a comprehensive series of interactive round tables and presentations, but also a Learning center with videos and simulators for basic and advanced EUS procedures. Participants will have the opportunity to present their research and videos in the Congress. Aim of this Congress is to provide the instruments for learning the possibilities of diagnostic and interventional EUS and the therapeutic and new di agnostic capabilities of EUS preceded or followed by ERCP (EUS with or without FNA, IntraDuctal UltraSound - IDUS, Extraductal UltraSound - EDUS). All this together with the new diagnostic and therapeutic ancillary techniques and newly developed devices, such as peroral cholangioscopy and pancreatoscopy, confocal endomicroscopy and the correct use of new concept stents, named luminal apposition devices and new prototype in the field of the EURCP concept. Participants will be given the opportunity to learn from a theoretical point of view indications, techniques and new devices in the field of GI neoplasia staging and biliopancreatic diagnosis, staging and interventions by means of several interactive round tables, lectures, discussions and video presentations and 2 dedicated symposia for cytopathologists and nurses and also they will be given the possibility to see the same procedures and devices applied in almost 8 hours of live clinical cases in three live rooms, with the opportunity of direct interaction between the audience and well-known experts from many countries.
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